Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zombies and Insomniacs- Karl Watson's arty bits.

Here's a small sample of Karl Watson's designs, I've got a brief interview with him below. He's a talented wee bastard.

Karl say -

"Grow Your Own, a fake project for Homebase. Each character represents a herb. The idea was everything in the packaging was biodegradable so you could pop it straight into the ground (and you got a free badge with it!)"

"Zombie teenagers. One may or may not be a mutant. From an animation for college."

"Selfish Giant character designs. Imagine if the Selfish Giant was a Giant Robot who owned a garden made of lightbulbs, and a gang of rowdy zombie kidz (spelled with a z, very important) came and smashed it all. Yup."

"This is a page from a picture pic I did in college about a kid who has insomnia and stays up all night. There was some sort of concept about his imagination taking over because he doesn't get to dream (hence the tentacle)."

" I did this play about break ups (called Bang Shoot Blast) and took a whole load of photographs of these two. And now I have this."

"Dude with a dead cat. This was a T-shirt print in Edinburgh."

"My card. Call me. "


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