Monday, July 20, 2009

Too Saucy.

It is I, Glam. I was very ill over the weekend, from Thursday until about last night-ish. Still my bones hurt, but at last I can eat properly! But the fact that I haven't eaten properly has kind of made me want gross things. Like last night: crisp sammidge.
For my luncheon today, I thought about a delicious marco pierre white soup, but it's not exactly what I wanted. So I found a tin of ravioli, and put some wild garlic on top with some cheeeeeese.
It was very good, but does anyone ever find that tinned things like ravioli or spaghetti or similar, come with too much sauce? I'm not one that likes too much sauce. If I make a pasta dish, I use just the right amount of sauce. So that it just covers your pasta, lending its flavour, but not creating a pasta soup.
What are general thoughts on pasta sauce? Discuss.
I'm trying to think of an instance where too much sauce is a good thing, but actually, for the life of me, I can't think of any single time that it's okay to over-indulge on sauce. My friend Joe, is I think the only good instance to over-indulge in sauce, as he is a very saucy sort. Too saucy for some, perhaps, but I ain't one of them!

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  1. You've gone mad, sauce is only ever a good thing, just soak it up with bread after. dope.

    love you.