Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tea cakes for two!

Right. Me and my friend Anthony (pictured) are very much obsessed with tea and things surrounding the subject of tea like High Tea, Afternoon Tea at the Westbury, cucumber sandwiches, Royal Dalton, bone china, sugar cubes. Everything is just so lovely. Our most favorite tea accessory would hands down be Tunnock's milk chocolate Tea Cakes. Now forget your run of the mill "marshmallow" filled Kimberly tea cake rubbish. These cakes of joy are the real deal. What your grand parents would swear by. The filling is like the white stuff in Walnut Whips. Mmmm. The chocolate tastes expensive and the biscuit will melt your heart. Anthony goes through two boxes daily. They will set you back 3euro. But thats a bargain for utter happiness.

Anthony has a secret tip also about tea: "cream instead of milk... you'll wonder why you ever used milk".


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