Friday, July 24, 2009

An Update by Glam

Gee whiz, I've been neglecting my blogging duties, but early morning starts and long days have equalled not wanting to do bugger all when I get home. Except maybe continue to watch the new Harry Potter movie on the internet. Like, 4 times so far. I always just get really obsessed with one thing, very intensely, for a short while then get bored and move along to something else. Though one night I did abstain from watching the new Harry Potter movie online and watched the new(ish) Star Trek movie online instead. People can yammer on all they like about stealing things on the internet and how it's copyright infringement and blah blah, but actually, if I made a movie, I wouldn't care if people watched it online. Just like I make music and I don't care if people download it online. I don't expect to make money from sales, so I think people can just enjoy it if they wanna. Oh, speaking of which, I'm playing in Vienna on Monday night, so if any of our (4) followers happen to be in the area...
What else is news? I'm going to work on some interviews to put up when I get back on Tuesday night. I can't let Bird go and have all the glory.
Oh, and I mean, is this weather serious? One second it's lovely blue sky and the next second it's TORRENTIAL MONSOON weather. Though Joebaby and I did get some pretty sweet rainbows out of the deal yesterday, so I mean, it's fine I guess.
There's still no update on the Peter Glam/Freddie Stroma will they-won't they situation, but you'll be the first to find out when there is a new development.
I'm bleaching my hair.
And with that, I leave you, our faithful readers.
(But I might be back in a while, because I might get bored and have things to say.)

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