Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Interview! Robert Sheehan, actor and nice fella extraordinaire.

Robert Sheehan is sitting on my couch reading out magazine articles in an irritating voice, we're about to watch Y tu Mama Tambien which he hasn't seen before. Rob has already criticised my tea and is proving to be an irritant. Best to get on with the questions...

RoryBird - In Misfits which you are now filming in London I hear that you had a recent close encounter with 76 year old breasts. Tell us about that.

Rob Sheehan - Funnily enough the show was what brought us together, she was just an extra in the background and we really clicked. I really liked her as a person and isn't that the most important thing. They're not that saggy anyway.

RoryBird - You worked with Nic Cage in The Season of the Witch was he very 'hollywood'

Rob Sheehan - No. He had a sweet childlike eccentricity which is a very endearing quality in any human being - the conversation was anything but casual and boring.

RoryBird - When you go home to your mum what's the meal you most look forward to?

Rob - Even though Mam's cooking skills are superior the meal i most look forward to when going home is a beef szechuan (no veg) and fried rice from the local slightly grimey chinese, which will remain nameless.

RoryBird - I've no doubt you're soon to become one of those irritating teenage girl crushes like Robert Pattinson is, with that position comes a lot of gossip. Which female celeb would you like to be falsey attached with?

Rob - Jordan. I'd like to chase her down the street with a shovel.

RoryBird - We're about to watch Y tu Mama Tambien, why haven't you seen it before you dope?!

Rob - Because I mainly steal dvds from you and because your collection is so vast I haven't got around to that one yet.

NOTE - he also hasn't returned the previous ones he borrowed.



  1. When Chasing Jordan with the shoval, Id recommend bringing a bag of lime....I don't know would the boobs disintegrate though...shame

  2. OMG! i think Robert Sheehan is like so buff :)

  3. What a gorgeous boy. He's like a T.S Eliot poem. My tights have eroded from furious leg rubbing. Mistfits is an absolute winner, wicked character acting. I think I may actually love him. Mwaaah x

  4. i think i have boots pretty much like that hmmm :) xXx

  5. weird kid hun? but talent and funny though!

  6. freakychi_herre Can you tell me what kind of boots are they? what brand? Thank you

  7. Its nice to see a man love films as much as he dose being in them . I am a massive fan of films and good dramas and think we should see more of rob on our tv as he is brill in LOVE/HATE you rock rob xxx