Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick update

Hi, we've not been doing much updating of the blog at all recently but that's entirely due to our collective laziness and forgetting the blog exists.

So James (alert) has been a right busy fella and did some modeling for David LaChappelle not too long ago. He's going out and having fun nights and looking very dirty glamorous while doing it.

Peter (glam) is getting used to London and working away in the bar. He's been noticably smiling more recently - oh and has a nose-ring which he picked up on the way home from Supervalue. Peter also shaved his head and looks like Renton from Trainspotting but doesn't want that pointed out.

I (bird) am moving flat tomorrow morning! I'm regrettably leaving Fade Street and heading down to Grand Canal Square. It's a beautiful flat overlooking the water and is a two minute walk from work so should make like easier all round.

Oh if you'd like to follow me on twitter i'm @rorynugent

Proper updates etc soon


Friday, December 11, 2009

My Dublin: Peter Glam Odell

Tv presenter/waiter (he says)

Inspired by Alan Hughes in The Dubliner Peter wants to tell everyone about 'my Dublin' although he knows very little about it.

Outdoors- I like to go to Ivy Gardens and look at all the magpies. Sometimes I sit on the steps and have my picture taken (by Bird.)

Restaurants I like Soho restaurant on Georges Street as they do good things. Also The Front Lounge has a cheap and delicious lunch menu - chicken quesadilla for six euro and it's FIT.

Food I like to eat the triple pack of cheese pizza from Lidl and then add my own toppings like fresh garlic and basil and chilli flakes. yum.

Shopping I like to go to the Tower records but I don't really go shopping.

Dublin Ups It's very quiet and there are cute places to walk and they like to do Christmas lights.

And Downs The buses are terrifying, once there was someone smoking crack.

Area around South William street and Fade Street and Wiclow street, all the little shoppers.

Dublin Heroes Rory with the story on Spin 1038 but if Dolly Parton lived in Dublin it'd be her.

And Villians The Scaries. They are mainly youths in tracksuits and I can't understand what they say. Also the people who drive horse drawn carriages are scary.

Hobbies I like to be a lazybones and hibernate but I also like to go on adventures and make things up and canoodle.

My best trait My love of kittens.

Work I start at usually 6 o clock and ask people what drinks they want to drink. When they ask me where I'm from I put on a thick southern accent and tell them I'm from Nashville. I feel like Sookie Stackhouse.

Press I just picked up the Dubliner today, it was pretty good and I like to read the other magazines.

Music Mostly Belle and Sebastian at the moment. Still.

TV and Radio On the tellybox I watch.. well i'm not fussy really. If I listen to the radio I LISTEN TO SPIN!

Theatre I don't go to the theatre unless someone does Pet Shop Boys The Musical.

You can catch Peter at the Frontlounge every weeknight pratically and almost every weekend night as well.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

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Just some pics of my one of my favourites...


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glam in the City

Here's some pics I took of Peter Glam on his first week in Dublin, it was a very pissy day and we wandered around Temple Bar looking for shelter. We found an exhibition in the Dublin Photography place in Meeting House Square, it was the shittest selection of pictures all in once place which we nicknamed 'chavs in inclimate weather' - with that in mind here is a Glam chav in very inclimate weather..


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quick Update

We've been pretty lazybones lately and have no geniune excuses to over apart from being... lazy. But there's good new afoot at Peter Glam has now joined me and James in Dublin. Here's photographic evidence.

He is having some couch time on a very rainy day and watching Four Weddings and a Funeral for what may be the first time (he's not quite sure.) Three GIANT army tanks just went by down George's Street but we couldn't find a camera in time so you'll have to take our word for it.