Monday, July 20, 2009

Shut it down!

During a Sunday of arse-meets-couch I fell into three hours or so of the horror hilarity that is The Rachel Zoe Project. Rachel Zoe is infamous for sucking the fat out of hollywood c-listers with her withered lips and replacing their souls with oversized glasses. Now join her whacky adventures as she 'expands her brand' into having someone put her name on some sunglasses. The best part of this show is the hate-hate relationship between her assistants, one is called Taylor (tough but competant bitch) and a lanky gay twizzler who twirls and giggles in rubbish glasses and gets little done. Example

Taylor "Could you just not talk?"
Gay Twizzler "You mean you want quiet time?"
Taylor "Just shut up.."
(momentary pause)
Gay Twizzler "Oh i LOVE your scarf!"
Taylor "Just ...don't."

One of the most mystifying aspects of the show is the catchphrase Rachel Zoe tries to shoe-horn into every situation. If someone does something good/bad/anything they apparently "shut it down!" and occasionally "totally shut it down!" Expect to hear this nonsense on a south-side bus route near you soon.


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  1. wait, is she a hare-lip? or was she ever a hare-lip? she certainly looks like she was. -glam.