Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm mixing it up with interview time by doing a threeway! I've got with me filmmaker Christopher Doyle and the alluring and undead Gwendolyn Hearst. Stars behind the camera and on-screen, respectively, of hit indie flick Make-Out With Violence.

Glam: Hey Chris, what inspired you to become a moviemaker?

CD: Originally, I wanted to be a painter, but in high school, I had to make videos for a class, and I really enjoyed the process - it reshaped the way I thought about ideas for projects. From that point on, I had trouble thinking of things in 2D. All my ideas involved movement, editing, and time. So I thought it would be cool to become a video artist - and then it'd be even cooler to sell out and make movies.

Glam: Fantastic! And what was it about Wendy's story that appealed to you?

CD: I liked the prospect of having a second chance with someone you never had a first chance with.

Glam: I think lots of people can relate to that.

CD: Yeah, making movies gives you the opportunity to live out fantasy scenarios.

Glam: And Wendy, I've noticed that you're fond of rats and faces nowadays, but what was your favourite food before you vanished?

WH: Soup was my favourite food. And chicken, but not chicken soup.

Glam: Did you like tomato soup best?

WH: How did you know?

Glam: Just a hunch, that's my favourite also, especially if you put in a bit of basil and a bit of mozzerella. I call it pizza soup. And hey, Wendy, I bet you probably don't want to talk about how you wound up being tied up to a couple of trees, but can I ask if you were terrified of all the cicadas on the swarm?

WH: I was mostly just annoyed. It was really boring being tied up. And the cicadas would not shut up...ever.

Glam: That's the great thing about the UK. No cicada summers. You should come over for some peace and quiet. Where were you going to go to college?

WH: Well, I never got around to applying. Maybe Archer? I thought about being a cop or maybe an FBI agent. So whatever school is good for those.

Glam: Chris, do you have any more projects brewing for the near future? And when can the great European public view Make-Out With Violence?

CD: Not really sure I want to keep making movies, but I am currently working on some screenplays - one very loosely inspired by the lives of the Brontë sisters is what I'm most interested in making. MOWV is playing in Germany, Spain, Russia and a bunch of places overseas. We'll have them all listed on our myspace page in the near future.

Glam: Eventually I'll have a project that I insist you must work on, but we'll discuss it at a later date. That's all we have time for, for now, but thanks for your time, you two, and good luck!

WH: Thanks Peter Glam, you've made me feel like I've swallowed a big piece of ice, in a good way.

Check out the official Make-Out With Violence website HERE, where you can view the trailer, learn about the EPIC soundtrack (where you can even hear a few of the tunes), news, press, and photos!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Few More Than 5 Questions With Caitlin Rose

photo by: Joshua Shoemaker

Today I had a chat with an old flame. Caitlin Rose is a fabulous singer hailing from my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. She's a wee girl with a big voice in a big way, so have a read of our little confab!

Glam: Hey Caitlin, guess what? I'm going to ask you questions so the whole internet can get to know you better!
Caitlin Rose: Oh cool! I love the internets.
Glam: So mostly I want them to know what your favourite milkshake is in Bobby's Dairy Dip. I know this might dredge up some painful memories, but I need to know.
Caitlin Rose: Well, I got fired so I don't really like them. But I loved peach and blueberry. Coca-Cola shakes are great too. I like thin shakes.
Glam: Oh, I like a thin shake too because the really thick ones are too hard to slurp out of a straw, which are normally flimsy.
Caitlin Rose: Yeah, and they're not as cold. I like shakes that are more like beverages.
Glam: Also, what is your favourite Roald Dahl book please?
Caitlin Rose: I don't really know. James and the Giant Peach? That's him right?
Glam: I'll accept that, it is him!
Caitlin Rose: Good, I liked that book alot.
Glam: So, you're a Nashville girl, you know. So where on earth (or at least Nashville) is your favourite place to be?
Caitlin Rose: I like being on my front porch when the weather is nice. I read halfway through Light in August the other day just sitting on my porch swing all day. I live on a pretty quiet street.
Glam: You're quite the singer, as you're well aware. Tell me about your new album!
Caitlin Rose: I'm cutting vocals tomorrow at noon. I think the record is trying to kill me. It's like a baby that won't get born.
Glam: What sorts of songs can we be expecting?
Caitlin Rose: Umm, a few that were on the first record, like Shotgun Wedding and T-Shirt, but full band. T-Shirt's got a beautiful piano behind it. Rod Kelly wrote the piano part in the studio about two years ago and he came in and re-tracked it for us. Lots of horns. Mariachi. It's fun, almost done!
Glam: AMAZING. You know I love a horn.
Caitlin Rose: Me too. Trumpets! Triumphant trumpets.
Glam: For the dolts not in the know, give us a five word description of your sounds.
Caitlin Rose: oh. I. just. don't. know. that's five.

And so that was a bit of Caitlin Rose action for you. Have a clickedy clack link onto her myspace page and check out her stuff, and then become a fan on facebook! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

and then


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Five Questions for Jasper Garvida!

I first interviewed Jasper a few years back when he was a contestant on Project Catwalk and then got to meet the eventual winner at an eventful and messy celebration party in Soho. He's not only a cute package of positivity but also an incredible designer.

Hi Jasper! It's been a few years since I met you over in London, it was just after the Sky One programme Project Catwalk - fill me in on how life has changed since then!

After the show,I decided to launch my own label last October. Last February, we showcased our collection entitled 'Metropolis' which was well received by the press and fashionistas. My collection is now available in Sub Couture in Notting Hill and Jane and John Doe in Beverly Hills. Life has been challenging especially when you re running you re own company. I suppose Project Catwalk gave me the confidence to start making my dreams into a reality. I still have a long way to go and still have more to prove but I am enjoying every moment . I have learned how to take life as it comes along.

I also have been involved with Sparks charity and Miele. This October I will be part of their annual charity fashion show where they have asked me to judge a design competion.

I am currently working on the Spring/Summer collection for London Fashion week in September which I am very excited about. You 'll see a different side to my work.

You're quite a stylish gent but do you have a secret fashion disaster in your past you could share with us?

I dont think I ever had any fashion disaster. Ive always wore what I like and never really care about what people think . Although, I remember going to a hip hop club dressed in a blue wet leather trouser and a shirt made out of polaroid pictures. I stood out like a sore thumb.

Everyone's seriously broke these days, do you have any tips on getting nice stuff without having to re-mortgage your house?

This season, we have temed up with Asahi Beer. One of our key peices in the collection will be a dress made up entireli in Asahi beer bottle tops with a couture finish.

The idea of recyling and being creative with what we already have can create a unique look that would definitely be a fashion statement.

Speaking of tips you once told me how you look so incredibly youthful 'Don't Stress, Moisturise!' Any other pearls of wisdom you think we should all live by?

Theres nothing more attractive than a person who smiles.

And finally do you have a favourite Roald Dahl book?

I love charlie and the choclate factory. Its a classic!

Check out more of his stuff at


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Five Questions for Kai Z Feng!

Kai Z Feng is my favourite fashion and portrait photographer by far; for reasons why check out all his work at Luckily Kai is also a really nice fella and agreed to repsond to a few questions while he was over visiting Shanghai. Buy this man a pint! He's a genius!

People always seem to be having fun in your shoots - do you have any tips on getting people to relax, be themselves and not be posing too much?

i don't know if i can call it a tip, but get to know who you are working with and be just like them and you will get the most of them.

You've photographed some amazing people, amazing clothes and in amazing places - do you have a favourite shoot?
each shoot for me is so different, i can't say which one i like the most, it also changes depending on my mood.

You grew up in Shanghai - what do you miss most from your original hometown?

FOOD! i travel back and forth alot, so i don't really miss shanghai, but i do miss london when im away coz most of my close friends are based here now.

What's your favourite way of spending a lazy Sunday?

chilling with friends, movies

As we seem to be asking everyone - what's your favourite Roald Dahl book?

I don't read books!

(We're going to have to send the complete Road Dahl collection to Kai as it's not acceptable that he doesn't love them yet!)

Here's some more of his photos!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things are DRASTIC! This is not Fantastic.

I'm quite the fan of Road Dahl books and my favourite one of all was Fantastic Mr Fox - the smart little fella steals chickens from this nasty old cider addict farmers called Boggis, Bunce and Bean. I remember his tail gets shot off in one upsetting chapter and his wife tells him that she still fancies him without the big bush, perhaps Roald suffered from limp-dick at the time of writing, perhaps best not to read too much into it. Anyway Wes Anderson has done a version of Fantastic Mr Fox and it appears to my untrained eye to be UTTER SHITE. It all just looks too cheap and wrong, like a badly synched BBC2 kids show from 1982.


Yesterday saw the death of a nice old tree in Dublin, it's not really too news worthy except that this was a famous aul tree and we'll miss it now it's knobbly wonky trunk is gone. The tree was at the entrance to Trinity on Nassau Street and stood there for 130 years before fungal diseases forced the chopper-men to chop it down. I spied on them with my camera.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sumika, Sunny-Side Up.

Glam here, and I thought after the success of the larry tee interview, why stop there? so I managed to track down notoriously elusive diva, Sumika, for a quick chat. Careful, she's real nasty ya'll.

Glam : sumika, hey. so won't you tell our readers a bit about yourself. where you come from and how you became the force you are today?

Sumika: well. i moved from bangkok three years ago... was trying to do my thing there but every time i'd finish a gig peple would come up to me and try to solicit my affections. They didnt believe I was a true artist. THen this one time this businessman from soho pitched up and offered a free flight to london if i did him. so i did. ANd that was it really... suddenly i had a flat in soho and loads of free time. So i statred recording...and shit blew up.

Glam: you've worked with some pretty talented people, it seems like everyone is eager for you to lend a bit of filth to their work. does it come to you naturally?

Sumika: filth? it's art!

Glam: haha! and do you have any new songs on the way for us? i heard you got asked to play at cargo soon!

Sumika: yeah, well i've been working on an album in the last few months, its starting to sound hot but I gotta learn to sing... I was working with Mutya for a while but when she realised that I was killin her shit she left the project.

Glam: but surely all work and no play makes sumika a dull diva. what do you like to do when you're not hard at work?

Sumika: slap on some kenny g, take a bath, eat some valium. i find it hard to relax these days.

Glam: i'd imagine so. do you make it back over to thailand very often?

Sumika: i'd love to but the passport thing is hard! People dont recognise me. I get stopped every time.
its like they think i should be a dude or something

Glam: i know the feeling. so how do you keep your fantastic shape? any advice?

Sumika: Coffee, cigarettes, ecstasy, anjum anand's new indian cookery book. indian food doesnt have to be oily. It's quite good for you. i work out sometimes too. pelvic floor mainly though, so it doesnt really make a visible difference.

Glam: that's perfect sumika, thanks so much for your time, i've always been such a big fan.

Sumika: well thank you. The feeling is mutual. pop round to my condo sometime soon, i'll cook you a fine ass prawn biryani.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Larry Tee interview.

Hey, so it's me, Glam. I thought it might be fun to do a quicksy interview with Mister Larry Tee, who you may know as the creator of such fit songs as Supermodel (You Better Work), and he even did things like bring notice to the electroclash sounds. This guy is a treasure and I hope you enjoy the fruits of our little chatfest.

Glam: hey, so you're from atlanta, how was that for you growing up in the deep south?

Larry Tee: it's the perfect place to raise a child and as an artist, there was nothing to do, so i had the space to develop my interests in writing music and DJing and working with freaks. but even when i lived there everyone told me i needed to go to NYC. i didn't understand entirely until i got to NYC and went Ahhhhhh!

Glam: oh i can relate, and how did you start off in new york? did you slip right into the club scene or were there horrid jobs you'd rather keep quiet?

Larry Tee: no horrid jobs thankfully. I had been coming up to NYC with RuPaul and Lady Bunny and my band Now Explosion, so we were already well known when we got there. within 6 monthes, i had started my first mega-night called Love Machine on a tuesday night where the voguers bumped into supermodels. I got the idea for supermodel(You better work) from that night because linda, christy and naomi would all come in together and hang out in a supermodel cluster....keep quiet. somtimes i want to keep quiet the fact that michael alig, the clubkid murderer gave me some of my first good jobs...but i will continue to love michael even after the horrors because i am a recovering addict, also, and he was a mess.

Glam: sounds perfecto. where did you go from love machine and supermodel? what were you up to in the interim years between that and coining the electroclash movement?

Larry Tee: well, i started disco 2000 with michael alig (my name by the way). i started Djing at the ROXY, the biggest club in town at that time, where i got a gold record for Gypsie woman(not for writing but helping make it a hit). and i also started my decnt into drugland and making bad choices of boys...nearly killing me in the process. if i hadnt found Narcotics anonymous, i think i might be dead. i am proud to be clean 11 years but take it seriously still and go to meetings.

Glam: that's a good thing, it's a slippery slope i know. do you have any advice for those just starting out in the clubland who may or may not start making the wrong choices and thinking being a K addict (or worse even) is a glamorous thing?

Larry Tee: well, i could hardly tell anyone not to experiment with drugs and boys (girls).. i would be such a hypocrite. but i can tell people that doing what they really love will get them much further than doing something for money. I never thought when i wrote supermodel for Rupaul or when i threw the electrolcash festivals that they would change my life, but i found when you do something because you really LOVE it, the universe often rewards you. plus, i have to say i am really lucky and there must be a god, because i never had a game plan...i just winged it...

Glam: sometimes that's the best way. and what are your future plans? you make it to london sometimes, and it was always nice seeing you around. the first time i met you i accidentally was in a K hole all day because i didn't get a job at virgin atlantic, and my flatmate jonaflid said hey, come to madame jojo's, larry tee's djing, and i went even though i was demented. you still doing the rounds as a dj?

Larry Tee: absoluetly, my new album Club Badd just came out and its getting rave review, thank god. I got 3 pages in the new Dj Mag, and a rave in the NME. they even liked the perez hilton track, my peni. shocking! i have ome gig in london at the end of the month at cargo and caligula. boy, djing everywhere to promote my album has given me new respect for hardworking Djs and artists. it hard work! and emotionally exhausting. here is my album...give it to VIPs and djs.

Glam: oh i will do. hopefully i'll catch up with you next time you're about. in the meantime i'd better figure out how to copy and paste all this into the blog without it looking like a facebook chat.
thanks for the chat mister tee
done and dusted, unless you'd like to say anything else

Larry Tee: oh, make it look like a facebook chat...that even cooler because its all about the sites like facebook, myspace,, etc. thats where everything is happening and thats where i got a lot fo the talent from my album!!

Glam: i've noticed you've yet to do a song about me, larry.
colour me disappointed

Larry Tee: oh, the song agyness deyn is about YOU, really...

Glam: I KNEW IT. i had a problem for a few months when i had platinum spikey hair and a chav on bethnal green road passed by me and said "oh it's that model girl." this happened alot. i'm glad you noticed it.

Larry Tee: a dead wringer...i just used her name to bring attention to the song, but really its about YOU.

Glam: i love it, and you.

Larry Tee: oh, and me you