Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm mixing it up with interview time by doing a threeway! I've got with me filmmaker Christopher Doyle and the alluring and undead Gwendolyn Hearst. Stars behind the camera and on-screen, respectively, of hit indie flick Make-Out With Violence.

Glam: Hey Chris, what inspired you to become a moviemaker?

CD: Originally, I wanted to be a painter, but in high school, I had to make videos for a class, and I really enjoyed the process - it reshaped the way I thought about ideas for projects. From that point on, I had trouble thinking of things in 2D. All my ideas involved movement, editing, and time. So I thought it would be cool to become a video artist - and then it'd be even cooler to sell out and make movies.

Glam: Fantastic! And what was it about Wendy's story that appealed to you?

CD: I liked the prospect of having a second chance with someone you never had a first chance with.

Glam: I think lots of people can relate to that.

CD: Yeah, making movies gives you the opportunity to live out fantasy scenarios.

Glam: And Wendy, I've noticed that you're fond of rats and faces nowadays, but what was your favourite food before you vanished?

WH: Soup was my favourite food. And chicken, but not chicken soup.

Glam: Did you like tomato soup best?

WH: How did you know?

Glam: Just a hunch, that's my favourite also, especially if you put in a bit of basil and a bit of mozzerella. I call it pizza soup. And hey, Wendy, I bet you probably don't want to talk about how you wound up being tied up to a couple of trees, but can I ask if you were terrified of all the cicadas on the swarm?

WH: I was mostly just annoyed. It was really boring being tied up. And the cicadas would not shut up...ever.

Glam: That's the great thing about the UK. No cicada summers. You should come over for some peace and quiet. Where were you going to go to college?

WH: Well, I never got around to applying. Maybe Archer? I thought about being a cop or maybe an FBI agent. So whatever school is good for those.

Glam: Chris, do you have any more projects brewing for the near future? And when can the great European public view Make-Out With Violence?

CD: Not really sure I want to keep making movies, but I am currently working on some screenplays - one very loosely inspired by the lives of the Brontë sisters is what I'm most interested in making. MOWV is playing in Germany, Spain, Russia and a bunch of places overseas. We'll have them all listed on our myspace page in the near future.

Glam: Eventually I'll have a project that I insist you must work on, but we'll discuss it at a later date. That's all we have time for, for now, but thanks for your time, you two, and good luck!

WH: Thanks Peter Glam, you've made me feel like I've swallowed a big piece of ice, in a good way.

Check out the official Make-Out With Violence website HERE, where you can view the trailer, learn about the EPIC soundtrack (where you can even hear a few of the tunes), news, press, and photos!

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