Thursday, August 13, 2009

Five Questions for Kai Z Feng!

Kai Z Feng is my favourite fashion and portrait photographer by far; for reasons why check out all his work at Luckily Kai is also a really nice fella and agreed to repsond to a few questions while he was over visiting Shanghai. Buy this man a pint! He's a genius!

People always seem to be having fun in your shoots - do you have any tips on getting people to relax, be themselves and not be posing too much?

i don't know if i can call it a tip, but get to know who you are working with and be just like them and you will get the most of them.

You've photographed some amazing people, amazing clothes and in amazing places - do you have a favourite shoot?
each shoot for me is so different, i can't say which one i like the most, it also changes depending on my mood.

You grew up in Shanghai - what do you miss most from your original hometown?

FOOD! i travel back and forth alot, so i don't really miss shanghai, but i do miss london when im away coz most of my close friends are based here now.

What's your favourite way of spending a lazy Sunday?

chilling with friends, movies

As we seem to be asking everyone - what's your favourite Roald Dahl book?

I don't read books!

(We're going to have to send the complete Road Dahl collection to Kai as it's not acceptable that he doesn't love them yet!)

Here's some more of his photos!


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