Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Few More Than 5 Questions With Caitlin Rose

photo by: Joshua Shoemaker

Today I had a chat with an old flame. Caitlin Rose is a fabulous singer hailing from my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. She's a wee girl with a big voice in a big way, so have a read of our little confab!

Glam: Hey Caitlin, guess what? I'm going to ask you questions so the whole internet can get to know you better!
Caitlin Rose: Oh cool! I love the internets.
Glam: So mostly I want them to know what your favourite milkshake is in Bobby's Dairy Dip. I know this might dredge up some painful memories, but I need to know.
Caitlin Rose: Well, I got fired so I don't really like them. But I loved peach and blueberry. Coca-Cola shakes are great too. I like thin shakes.
Glam: Oh, I like a thin shake too because the really thick ones are too hard to slurp out of a straw, which are normally flimsy.
Caitlin Rose: Yeah, and they're not as cold. I like shakes that are more like beverages.
Glam: Also, what is your favourite Roald Dahl book please?
Caitlin Rose: I don't really know. James and the Giant Peach? That's him right?
Glam: I'll accept that, it is him!
Caitlin Rose: Good, I liked that book alot.
Glam: So, you're a Nashville girl, you know. So where on earth (or at least Nashville) is your favourite place to be?
Caitlin Rose: I like being on my front porch when the weather is nice. I read halfway through Light in August the other day just sitting on my porch swing all day. I live on a pretty quiet street.
Glam: You're quite the singer, as you're well aware. Tell me about your new album!
Caitlin Rose: I'm cutting vocals tomorrow at noon. I think the record is trying to kill me. It's like a baby that won't get born.
Glam: What sorts of songs can we be expecting?
Caitlin Rose: Umm, a few that were on the first record, like Shotgun Wedding and T-Shirt, but full band. T-Shirt's got a beautiful piano behind it. Rod Kelly wrote the piano part in the studio about two years ago and he came in and re-tracked it for us. Lots of horns. Mariachi. It's fun, almost done!
Glam: AMAZING. You know I love a horn.
Caitlin Rose: Me too. Trumpets! Triumphant trumpets.
Glam: For the dolts not in the know, give us a five word description of your sounds.
Caitlin Rose: oh. I. just. don't. know. that's five.

And so that was a bit of Caitlin Rose action for you. Have a clickedy clack link onto her myspace page and check out her stuff, and then become a fan on facebook! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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