Saturday, August 15, 2009

Five Questions for Jasper Garvida!

I first interviewed Jasper a few years back when he was a contestant on Project Catwalk and then got to meet the eventual winner at an eventful and messy celebration party in Soho. He's not only a cute package of positivity but also an incredible designer.

Hi Jasper! It's been a few years since I met you over in London, it was just after the Sky One programme Project Catwalk - fill me in on how life has changed since then!

After the show,I decided to launch my own label last October. Last February, we showcased our collection entitled 'Metropolis' which was well received by the press and fashionistas. My collection is now available in Sub Couture in Notting Hill and Jane and John Doe in Beverly Hills. Life has been challenging especially when you re running you re own company. I suppose Project Catwalk gave me the confidence to start making my dreams into a reality. I still have a long way to go and still have more to prove but I am enjoying every moment . I have learned how to take life as it comes along.

I also have been involved with Sparks charity and Miele. This October I will be part of their annual charity fashion show where they have asked me to judge a design competion.

I am currently working on the Spring/Summer collection for London Fashion week in September which I am very excited about. You 'll see a different side to my work.

You're quite a stylish gent but do you have a secret fashion disaster in your past you could share with us?

I dont think I ever had any fashion disaster. Ive always wore what I like and never really care about what people think . Although, I remember going to a hip hop club dressed in a blue wet leather trouser and a shirt made out of polaroid pictures. I stood out like a sore thumb.

Everyone's seriously broke these days, do you have any tips on getting nice stuff without having to re-mortgage your house?

This season, we have temed up with Asahi Beer. One of our key peices in the collection will be a dress made up entireli in Asahi beer bottle tops with a couture finish.

The idea of recyling and being creative with what we already have can create a unique look that would definitely be a fashion statement.

Speaking of tips you once told me how you look so incredibly youthful 'Don't Stress, Moisturise!' Any other pearls of wisdom you think we should all live by?

Theres nothing more attractive than a person who smiles.

And finally do you have a favourite Roald Dahl book?

I love charlie and the choclate factory. Its a classic!

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