Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Larry Tee interview.

Hey, so it's me, Glam. I thought it might be fun to do a quicksy interview with Mister Larry Tee, who you may know as the creator of such fit songs as Supermodel (You Better Work), and he even did things like bring notice to the electroclash sounds. This guy is a treasure and I hope you enjoy the fruits of our little chatfest.

Glam: hey, so you're from atlanta, how was that for you growing up in the deep south?

Larry Tee: it's the perfect place to raise a child and as an artist, there was nothing to do, so i had the space to develop my interests in writing music and DJing and working with freaks. but even when i lived there everyone told me i needed to go to NYC. i didn't understand entirely until i got to NYC and went Ahhhhhh!

Glam: oh i can relate, and how did you start off in new york? did you slip right into the club scene or were there horrid jobs you'd rather keep quiet?

Larry Tee: no horrid jobs thankfully. I had been coming up to NYC with RuPaul and Lady Bunny and my band Now Explosion, so we were already well known when we got there. within 6 monthes, i had started my first mega-night called Love Machine on a tuesday night where the voguers bumped into supermodels. I got the idea for supermodel(You better work) from that night because linda, christy and naomi would all come in together and hang out in a supermodel cluster....keep quiet. somtimes i want to keep quiet the fact that michael alig, the clubkid murderer gave me some of my first good jobs...but i will continue to love michael even after the horrors because i am a recovering addict, also, and he was a mess.

Glam: sounds perfecto. where did you go from love machine and supermodel? what were you up to in the interim years between that and coining the electroclash movement?

Larry Tee: well, i started disco 2000 with michael alig (my name by the way). i started Djing at the ROXY, the biggest club in town at that time, where i got a gold record for Gypsie woman(not for writing but helping make it a hit). and i also started my decnt into drugland and making bad choices of boys...nearly killing me in the process. if i hadnt found Narcotics anonymous, i think i might be dead. i am proud to be clean 11 years but take it seriously still and go to meetings.

Glam: that's a good thing, it's a slippery slope i know. do you have any advice for those just starting out in the clubland who may or may not start making the wrong choices and thinking being a K addict (or worse even) is a glamorous thing?

Larry Tee: well, i could hardly tell anyone not to experiment with drugs and boys (girls).. i would be such a hypocrite. but i can tell people that doing what they really love will get them much further than doing something for money. I never thought when i wrote supermodel for Rupaul or when i threw the electrolcash festivals that they would change my life, but i found when you do something because you really LOVE it, the universe often rewards you. plus, i have to say i am really lucky and there must be a god, because i never had a game plan...i just winged it...

Glam: sometimes that's the best way. and what are your future plans? you make it to london sometimes, and it was always nice seeing you around. the first time i met you i accidentally was in a K hole all day because i didn't get a job at virgin atlantic, and my flatmate jonaflid said hey, come to madame jojo's, larry tee's djing, and i went even though i was demented. you still doing the rounds as a dj?

Larry Tee: absoluetly, my new album Club Badd just came out and its getting rave review, thank god. I got 3 pages in the new Dj Mag, and a rave in the NME. they even liked the perez hilton track, my peni. shocking! i have ome gig in london at the end of the month at cargo and caligula. boy, djing everywhere to promote my album has given me new respect for hardworking Djs and artists. it hard work! and emotionally exhausting. here is my album...give it to VIPs and djs.

Glam: oh i will do. hopefully i'll catch up with you next time you're about. in the meantime i'd better figure out how to copy and paste all this into the blog without it looking like a facebook chat.
thanks for the chat mister tee
done and dusted, unless you'd like to say anything else

Larry Tee: oh, make it look like a facebook chat...that even cooler because its all about the sites like facebook, myspace,, etc. thats where everything is happening and thats where i got a lot fo the talent from my album!!

Glam: i've noticed you've yet to do a song about me, larry.
colour me disappointed

Larry Tee: oh, the song agyness deyn is about YOU, really...

Glam: I KNEW IT. i had a problem for a few months when i had platinum spikey hair and a chav on bethnal green road passed by me and said "oh it's that model girl." this happened alot. i'm glad you noticed it.

Larry Tee: a dead wringer...i just used her name to bring attention to the song, but really its about YOU.

Glam: i love it, and you.

Larry Tee: oh, and me you

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