Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sumika, Sunny-Side Up.

Glam here, and I thought after the success of the larry tee interview, why stop there? so I managed to track down notoriously elusive diva, Sumika, for a quick chat. Careful, she's real nasty ya'll.

Glam : sumika, hey. so won't you tell our readers a bit about yourself. where you come from and how you became the force you are today?

Sumika: well. i moved from bangkok three years ago... was trying to do my thing there but every time i'd finish a gig peple would come up to me and try to solicit my affections. They didnt believe I was a true artist. THen this one time this businessman from soho pitched up and offered a free flight to london if i did him. so i did. ANd that was it really... suddenly i had a flat in soho and loads of free time. So i statred recording...and shit blew up.

Glam: you've worked with some pretty talented people, it seems like everyone is eager for you to lend a bit of filth to their work. does it come to you naturally?

Sumika: filth? it's art!

Glam: haha! and do you have any new songs on the way for us? i heard you got asked to play at cargo soon!

Sumika: yeah, well i've been working on an album in the last few months, its starting to sound hot but I gotta learn to sing... I was working with Mutya for a while but when she realised that I was killin her shit she left the project.

Glam: but surely all work and no play makes sumika a dull diva. what do you like to do when you're not hard at work?

Sumika: slap on some kenny g, take a bath, eat some valium. i find it hard to relax these days.

Glam: i'd imagine so. do you make it back over to thailand very often?

Sumika: i'd love to but the passport thing is hard! People dont recognise me. I get stopped every time.
its like they think i should be a dude or something

Glam: i know the feeling. so how do you keep your fantastic shape? any advice?

Sumika: Coffee, cigarettes, ecstasy, anjum anand's new indian cookery book. indian food doesnt have to be oily. It's quite good for you. i work out sometimes too. pelvic floor mainly though, so it doesnt really make a visible difference.

Glam: that's perfect sumika, thanks so much for your time, i've always been such a big fan.

Sumika: well thank you. The feeling is mutual. pop round to my condo sometime soon, i'll cook you a fine ass prawn biryani.

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