Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick update

Hi, we've not been doing much updating of the blog at all recently but that's entirely due to our collective laziness and forgetting the blog exists.

So James (alert) has been a right busy fella and did some modeling for David LaChappelle not too long ago. He's going out and having fun nights and looking very dirty glamorous while doing it.

Peter (glam) is getting used to London and working away in the bar. He's been noticably smiling more recently - oh and has a nose-ring which he picked up on the way home from Supervalue. Peter also shaved his head and looks like Renton from Trainspotting but doesn't want that pointed out.

I (bird) am moving flat tomorrow morning! I'm regrettably leaving Fade Street and heading down to Grand Canal Square. It's a beautiful flat overlooking the water and is a two minute walk from work so should make like easier all round.

Oh if you'd like to follow me on twitter i'm @rorynugent

Proper updates etc soon


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