Monday, September 7, 2009

The Shitness of being a Modern Man

Though I'm guilty of buying a glutonous amount of magazines I always find the pokey-fingered instructions on how we all should live funny at best and sinister at worst (Sunday Times Style mag is the worst offender.) This month's Esquire has a whole lot on how to live just like an Esquire Journalist. It's entitled..

"Esquire's Manual For a Stylish Life"

Here are some of the more ridiculous headings -

10 items everyman should own before he dies. (eeek i don't have em, I'm no man!)

10 items that have NO place in the wardrobe of a respectable man.

How to .. greet the Queen.

How to.. google efficiently.

How to ... start a bank.

How to feign interest.

How to not get drunk.

How to ogle without getting caught.

How to pull a supermodel.

How to take a punch.

How to calm a crying baby.

How to be funny.

How to do private jetiquette

How to get rid of your dinner guests.

How to tame a lion.

How to bounce back.

How to devlier puppies.

A summary of the deep rooted concerns of 21st century man.


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